Colin Powell School Annual Report (2014-2015) – Student Success

Via Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership – November 2015

Sebastian Cordoba emigrated from Colombia to the United States ten years ago. After graduating from California State University, Long Beach, with a BA in human development, he spent a year in South Korea and almost two years in Japan teaching English and learning the languages. As an English teacher, he became intrigued by the psychology of intercultural and linguistic processes connected to sexual identity, and the diverse reactions different individuals have in cultural settings distinct from their own. In 2014, Cordoba moved to New York City to pursue his MA in general psychology.

At CCNY, Cordoba has been able to explore and deepen his understanding of psycholinguistic processes while also gaining a solid, empirical, and comprehensive understanding of the brain processes that influence them. Cordoba has been fascinated by the intersection of language and sexual identity, which he is currently exploring for his master’s thesis.

Taking the thesis route in the general psychology master’s program has created many academic opportunities for Cordoba, who is applying to doctoral programs in Europe for next year. “Teaching is one of my passions, and to have an opportunity to be a teaching assistant at the Colin Powell School gave me an opportunity to work with students in both ‘Applied Statistics’ and ‘Psychology in the Modern World.’ These students, all undergraduates, are doing truly impressive research.”

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