Conferences and Talks

Non-binary Sexualities: The Desire, Practice, and Embodiment Assemblage. Gender Studies Conference 2020: The Future of Sexuality Studies: Assemblage and Embodiment. Tampere University, Finland. (November 2020).

Non-binary Sexualities: Exploring a Corpus of Non-binary Language. Lavender Languages & Linguistics 26. The University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (May 2019).

Gender Diversity. World Social Work Day 2019: Power in Practice. De Montfort University. Leicester, UK. (March 2019).

Non-binary Identities and Language: What Can We Learn for Future Practice?  Social Care, Learning and Development HUB Lecture Series. De Montfort University. Leicester, UK. (February 2019).

Non-binary Genders: Language and Identity – Confronting Linguistic Normativity. Lavender Languages and Linguistics 25. Rhode Island College. Providence, USA. (April 2018).

Articulating and Navigating Non-Binary Identity: Insights from Language. Gender in the Contemporary World: Articulation, Navigation, and Change Conference. Queen Mary University. London, UK. (March 2018). With Ynda Jas.

School and Gender Variant Children: Parents’ and Guardians’ Perspectives. European Sociological Association 13th. Athens, Greece. (September 2017). With Dr Zowie Davy.

Non-Binary Genders and Language Use. Lavender Languages & Linguistics 24. Nottingham University. Nottingham, UK. (April 2017).

Collecting Writing Samples from Non-Binary People to Inform About Gender Diversity. Public Sociology and the Role of the Researcher: Engagement, Communication and Academic Activism. British Sociological Society, UK. (March 2017).

Language Preference and Cognitive Availability of Sexual Identity in Gay Japanese Individuals. The City College of New York Ninth Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium. New York, USA. (May 2016).

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