ORCID: 0000-0003-1996-1058

  • Peer-reviewed publications:

Cordoba, S. (forthcoming). Non-binary gender identities: The language of becoming. London: Routledge’s Gender and Sexualities in Psychology

Cordoba, S. (2020). Non-binary sexualities: The language of desire, practice, and embodiment. In Z. Davy, A. Santos, C. Bertone, R. Thoreson & S. Wieringa (Eds.), The SAGE handbook of global sexualities (Vol. 1 & 2, pp. 877-896). London: SAGE.

Davy, Z. & Cordoba, S. (2019). School and gender variant children: Parents’ and guardians’ perspectives. Journal of LGBT Family Studies. doi:10.1080/1550428X.2019.1647810  

  • Theses:

Cordoba, S. (2020). Exploring on-binary genders: Language and Identity. Ph.D. Dissertation. De Montfort University.

Cordoba, S. (2016). Language preference and cognitive availability of sexual identity in gay Japanese bilinguals: An analysis of habitual use of linguistic categories. Unpublished Thesis. CUNY Academic Works.

  • Working monograph/papers:

Cordoba, S. (2022). Parents of gender-diverse children: Gender and linguistic becomings at school.

  • Publications intended for the general public:

Cordoba, S (2020). How Netflix’s Sense8 saved Pride Month for me and my chosen family. Inverse.

Cordoba, S. (2017). Review of The Bodcast: Bustle’s podcast about body positivity & feminism In 2017. The Guardian.

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