DMU Undergraduates and US Peers Explore How Education Can Empower Students of Colour

Please read the full story here: De Montfort University News – 5 June 2019

Last summer, I had the privilege of co-organising an activity for one of De Montfort University’s Freedom to Achieve projects on Equality and Diversity. DMU students and The City College of New York students discussed their experiences of what higher education is like in the UK and US.

“The visit was made possible by DMU PhD Psychology student Sebastian Cordoba, who is also an adjunct lecturer at City College of New York. He said: “When I heard from one of my students at DMU about this trip and their plan to go to a university in Harlem, I thought it was serendipitous because that’s where I teach. “The students have talking about their identities… and they seem to be having a really a good time.””

The students remarked that their visit to New York City motivated them to lobby for greater inclusion of Black history in the curriculum upon returning to the UK.

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