CSULB Alumni Award

Each year, the Department of Human Development at CSULB, where I completed my undergraduate studies, recognises an outstanding alumni who has demonstrated success in their chosen profession.

This year, I had the honour and the privilege of receiving this award via Zoom. This event was live-streamed via Facebook Live.

Here’s the short bio they read:

Originally from Colombia, Dr Sebastian Cordoba graduated from CSULB with a BA in Human Development in 2011. After spending two years in South Korea and Japan where he taught English as a second language, he completed an MA in General Psychology at The City College of New York. In 2016, Dr Cordoba moved to the UK to pursue a PhD in Psychology from De Montfort University, which he recently completed (March 2020). Dr Cordoba is an adjunct lecturer at The City College of New York where he has taught Psychology of Gender and Sexuality, Adolescence and Youth, Lifespan Development, and Applied Statistics.

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